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Milled to order and to your specification for speciality breads and pastries.


Choose from our British sourced heirloom grains, seeds and pulses.


Very fine to coarse available.


Choose from:

Wheat Wholegrain - Organic

Spelt / Rye - Organic

Fava Bean Flour - Organic

Yellow / Green Pea Flour - Organic

Buckwheat Flour - Organic

Lentil Flour - Organic

Quinoa Flour - Organic


Great for:

Bread / Pizza Dough.

Batters / Bhajis.

Soups / Sauces / Dips.

Cakes / Biscuits / Tarts.

Pasta / Polenta substitute.



Also great in nutritional smoothies for the health conscious.

Freshly Milled Flour

200 Grams