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100% natural and fresh cacao juice.  Full of nutrients and vitamins.  Simply made from cacao pulp and water.  That's it!


A great source of vitamin B1, magnesium, potassium, manganese, phosphorus and zinc.  Providing you a slow boost of positive energy that lasts throughout the day.


Poor quality cacao comes from large unethical producing companies in West Africa, where child slavery is abundant.


The ultra premium cacao used to produce this one of a kind juice, is sourced from Ecuador in South America, helping to make a positive impact on smallholder farmers within the Amazon basin. 


Colour:  Light yellow.  Slight cloudiness.

Flavour Profile:  Tropical fruit. Lychee. Honey. Tangy.

Shelf Life:  6 Months.

Storage:  Ambient.  Cool place with no direct sunlight.

Consume:  Within 5 days of opening.


As a natural seasonal product, the colour and flavour can vary slightly from one harvest to the next.


Cacao Pulp Juice - 6 x 250ml Bottles

250 Milliliters